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Subject: Do you shop at Amazon.com? Of course you do. Read this, please.
Posted by: Randy on 09/02/2017 12:23AM

Pirate fans: If you're a big Amazon.com shopper -- many of you are -- you can support BYB while shopping on Amazon.com.

BYB is now an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you click an Amazon link on BYB and make a purchase at Amazon, BYB will get a percentage of sales.

It's simple: when you're ready to head to Amazon, find one of the Amazon links in the right-hand border of BYB's pages (where it says "Support BYB: Shop at Amazon!"), and click it to go to Amazon. Then shop as normal. That's all there is to it.

Note that Amazon says this will also work with Amazon Smile, though we were not able to set up a direct link to Amazon Smile. Just click one of our graphics or links, then manually type in smile.amazon.com, and shop as normal.

It's easy for you, and it could make a big difference for us, so please help us out by clicking our Amazon links when you're shopping online!


Support BYB: Shop at Amazon!