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Alabama's football national title is just as real as Vilanova's basketball

national title. You, me or anyone else who may not like it not withstanding. And, if by some miracle that ECU got into the playoff and won it, you would be the first in line to proclaim how valid it was (as would every other ECU fan).

I would like to see 8 teams and that will likely happen at some point. But then some will want 12. If they make it 12, some will then want 16. If they make it 16, some will then want 32. Heck, there are ya-hoos out there right now who want 64 teams in a football playoff.

Nothing is new here and nothing is going to change. We hated the BCS but we would have sold ECU's soul to join the BCS. And if we did, our "concern for the unfairness" of the BCS would have disappeared so fast heads would be spinning. As soon as we got in the AAC, then we didn't want certain other teams to be considered as they were not at that level we said. (Not that it matters that others didn't consider ECU at that level prior to joining). Look at how we felt C-USA should have been treated when we were in it to how we feel it should be treated now compared to the AAC.

Now we try to call ourselves the "P6," wanting so much to be part of the P5 we hate and deplore. And if the AAC was given the same status as the other P5 conferences, we would join right in saying those "lesser" conferences don't play as difficult a schedule and their teams are not worthy of P5 status.

I would just like to see us have a UCF type season and get to a top level bowl for once in our history. And if UCF wants to be considered in the national championship picture, they should play a schedule that would help them get there.
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