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One of my customers comes from a well to do family in PR, these guys have investments all over the islands in different industries. One of those is a company that moves freights at the port of San Juan, there was no shortage of relief supplies hitting that island, the problem was the trucking union, they wouldn't allow temporary drivers to pickup from the port, only union labor. These guys were slow walking relief supplies and bottle necking it leaving the port. It must also be noted that right after the hurricane FEMA was taking almost all container slots going to PR for relief supplies, for quite some time nothing other than relief supplies were reaching the island, we had containers taken twice we had reserved for our products to reach the island. Let's also remember the infrastructure in PR is old and unreliable on a good day. The issue with the power was all the generation was run on the south side of the island, around ponce, lines had to be run from there across the mountains to the population centers in the north, ie San Juan. What should've occurred is these lines should've been buried and done correctly, but no, due to the political pressure they restrung the lines across the mountains as before to get electricity back ASAP. Typical government BS/ politics here was an opportunity to do it correctly and what was chosen, the quickest option politically. Nothing has changed there as far as that goes, when they get another powerful Hurricane you will see the same issues. You hear about areas without power, well those are almost completely in the rainforest region in very rural areas, many areas where people weren't supposed to build.

PR is a country filled with wonderful people, their problems have been building for decades, they have been teetering on the edge for some time. As you said, its political to blame Trump and the response FEMA did was as good as they could with the challenges they faced locally, I'm not even going to address the roadblocks put up by the mayor of San Juan.

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