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Puerto Rico is the definition of corruption, incompetence and stupidity

I say this as a guy that owned a home the next Island over for 10 years and the Virgin Islands is a close second for political corruption, cronyism and incompetence. The two worst power companies in the U.S. Territories are Puerto Rican Power Authority and WAPA in the Virgin Islands. There is not a single U.S. State where the citizens would tolerate the incompetence and corruption of those two power companies. Both in ideal conditions are lucky to keep the power running. Puerto Rico still has a very active communist party and has some bat shit crazy ideas on how to run a government and who is responsible for taking care of the basic necessities.

I knew as soon as a Cat 5 zeroed in on Puerto Rico it would be a disaster that would take over a year to fix. I figured it would take at best 9-10 months to get power going across a broken power grid that has rolling black outs on clear days. The USVI wold be screwed except you are talking about 150k people and the private money that poured in from Bloomberg and his group and local hero Kenny Chesney jump started what the government would not be prepared to do.

The reality is there is no way to pre position a response team for Puerto Rico or the USVI like here in SC or NC or any other State. There are power crews from States all over waiting to pour across the borders in massive convoys to help plus FEMA, Red Cross etc.. There were all kinds of screw ups in Puerto Rico which is to be expected unfortunately because the Island is full of political screw ups. The USVI is lucky they had so many rich benefactors ready to rush in to help plus the Cruise Ship lines that rely heavily on that port for business so they provided help evacuating people in need of medical attention. Irony is USVI residents with medical conditions were initially sent to Puerto Rico for safe harbor and then ended up in Miami.

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Posted: 09/14/2018 at 11:49AM


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