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In a vacuum you’d have a good point

But the reality is that the previous coach, longing for him, or using his “success” as a barometer for judging the current coach is all these guys are about. This is a running theme used by them, and not something new. My post references posts over time.

I have no allegiance to Mo....and fully believe he will be gone after December 1. But for now, he’s my coach because I love ECU. And until he’s no longer my coach, I want him to be successful.

There’s plenty to criticize Mo over, and I believe some of it is valid....but to act like any coach, our previous or any other, is unique by yelling at refs or using quirky euphemisms to try to motivate the kids is simply disingenuous. I’m just tired of people picking fly poop out of pepper on the guy. Calling him “cancer” is disgusting. And that group disgusts me for their complete lack of civility. One of them advocated physical violence against him. It’s ridiculous and level headed people should reject them publically. Sorry if you feel that is acceptable. I don’t.

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Posted: 11/08/2018 at 10:01PM


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