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The TelePrompTer President

Sniff, sniff.

I didn’t want to do that speech from the Oval, but my communications team made me. ...Waaaah!

And I brought Starbursts to the meeting with Chuck and Nancy yesterday, but they wouldn’t give me my wall. .... Waaaah!

So we’re going to have a national emergency declared when there is none, except for a scam-based government shutdown which he owns, over a lie. The foundation of this crisis is a lie, and the lie is a flop. Excuse me, lies.

Illegal immigration is down. A wall will do nothing to stop the flow of drugs, which come through ports of entry. Terrorists? Nope. There is a humanitarian crisis, which 45 started, of his own making, and now we have children separated from their families, in cold cages with Mylar ’blankets’. Swell.

But oh my! There are robbers and rapists and gangsters, and you need me to protect you..... said every tinpot and sadistic demagogue in the history of the world. Autocratic messaging 101.

When you actually look at data from his own government, it never backs up what 45 says about the issue.

“I’d be proud to own the shutdown”

But Starbursts!.... He’s not just a bad negotiator, he’s the worst negotiator. The silence you hear from his GOP sycophants in Congress is the sound of acquiescence to autocracy.

Defending the wall is just like defending Confederate statues. It has nothing to do with history, just like the wall has nothing to do with border security. It’s a monument to a racist ideology, one that is based on the fear of the browning of America.


The Toddler Presidency

Posted: 01/10/2019 at 1:04PM


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