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Buc try to answer these simple questions

Our Nation is 21 Trillion dollars in debt with another 200 Trillion out in IOUs.

Please be reminded that the evil 1%ers that you and your socialist friends bitch and moan about 24/7 have 4 Trillion in total assets.

What you want is an open border to bring in people that can’t speak our language, refuse to adapt to our culture, or have any marketable job skills. They use their own kids as pawns to gain entrance where we the tax payer are on the hook to the tune of 135 billion to pay for them.

They bring disease, drugs, gangs, and violence to our streets. They dumb down our schools, drive down wages, clog our hospitals, and lower our standard of living.

Other than providing your party a dependent class to assure you win elections what benefit do the people provide when we are broke and can’t provide for our own?

Please tell us how many of these people are you supporting at the double wide?

If you had an income how much will you be sharing after all you didn’t earn it anyway.

Please let us know who is picking up the 135 billion tab for all of these illegals you want here?

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Posted: 01/10/2019 at 2:55PM


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