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So what does that mean

When both Clinton and Obama did the same?

In addition can you please tell me how the shutdown has changed your life?

I know the influx of illegals with their crime, drugs, disease and their failure to adapt to our culture has changed mine, especially when the tax payer is handed a 135 billion dollar tab to care fore these people.

You leftist think money falls from the heavens. Can you please tell me what these people add to our society when they cant read, write, or speak the common language? can you tell me how do they plan on caring for themselves?

Can you let me know how do they benefit our school system or hospitals? How do they help the wages of our least qualified workers.

Once they become the permanent majority do you really think they are going to have use for Chuckie, Nancy, Bernie, Barry, or the Clintons?

Your beloved government is finished once the people can vote itself a pay raise.

Perhaps its time the left comes up with better ideas to win elections rather than grow the dependent class.

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Posted: 01/12/2019 at 07:59AM


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