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I Never said Christians don't do incredible things...

what I stated was the fact that there is a perception, often founded in truth, related to Christians and their treatment of the LGBTQ community.

I only stated this since you griped about Christians being called out specifically; my guess is the vast majority of people of faith in ENC claim Christianity.

I'm glad you have had great experiences but that is not the case for all and until we are proactive to change that course some will unfortunately experience more of the same.

Since you don't know me; I'm ordained, in ministry, and have worked in many churches and I agree that some christians and churches do good work but that does not absolve us from reaching out to those in need and hurting.

The LGBTQ community is a great place to get involved. Raleigh has a strong LGBTQ community and many churches participate. FVUMC might also be a good place to connect as well.

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Posted: 01/22/2019 at 10:50AM


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