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My theory on Compher

It has always bothered me why Hamrick fired Logan (after our greatest decade ever) and why Compher fired Ruff (after reaching some of our greatest milestones). It can’t be results, both men delivered exquisitely. Let’s look at Ruff’s track record, first the good:
-4 bowl games in 6 years
-1 bowl championship
-6 straight victories over ACC schools
-scored 70 on UNC (most ever scored on them) in front of the largest crowd in DF history on national tv.
-scored 55 on UNC on the road
-scored 45 on State on the road
-beat nationaly ranked Tech with a 3rd string qb
-set DF records for attendance and season ticket sales
-produced 2 national receiving record holders (Zay and Justin)
-developedour greatest qb ever
-said this was his dream job and would stay forever

The bad:
-never won nor even played for a conference championship
-lost after taking a knee 4 straight plays
-gave up 76 to Navy in DF
-trouble retaining players

All in all, in my opinion at least, the good far out weighs the bad. So why did Compher do it? I think it had to do with perception and personality. I met Compher on two occasions and he struck me as a genuinely nice person. Very pleasant, articulate, intelligent and personable. (I know, to most of us it’s like calling satan a nice guy but being honest is the key to figuring things out). He seemed to be the consummate professional. And he certainly had a way with wooing the BOT. I think Compher valued professionalism and perception above all else. Even above winning. I think he was embarrassed by Ruff’s “good ol’ boy, love ‘em up” persona and it grated on his nerves every time he saw or heard Ruff in an interview. (You’ve got to admit, Ruff’s a great guy but not overly polished). I think Compher was obsessed with having someone who portrayed a professional image and looked for any reason to exit Ruff, hence the rediculous ‘we expect championships’ stand (Leno never sniffed a conference title either but he had that professional image Compher wanted).
I had a manager like this one time, he was obsessed with image and appearance, your sales were secondary (which is rediculous). He rewarded those he thought portrayed the best image while castigating some of his top performers. This is how I see Compher. Never mind that Ruff was stomping the ACC, he was over weight, sweated a lot and was less than articulate. Compher felt this reflected on his own professional image and a change had to be made.
He had the chancellor and BOT in his back pocket (think Obi Wan Kenobi and his wave of the hand) and thought “if a hayseed like Ruff can win here think what Brady Hoke can do”. He was delusional as how attractive the ECU job is and thought Hoke or some other big name coach would jump at the chance. (We all know that’s not the case). Compher’s not stupid, he just focused on the wrong metrics. Winning, putting butts in the seats and running in the black are what matter, not if you wear a tie.

Posted: 03/14/2019 at 4:37PM


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