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The huge difference is the top half of the AAC

are candidates for a P5 call up and App St is hoping for a call from CUSA or a dream scenario where the AAC calls them. In the defense of App St they are in a large boat of G5 schools that hope to have decent runs. They have had a great run added by a cupcake soft schedule since joining the Sunbelt. I have no doubt that if they were in the AAC right now they would be competitive. These things go in cycles and so far App St has nothing resembling our successful cycle starting with the Peach Bowl and the 90's with a Top 10 finish, Top 25 finish and beating multiple ranked P5 schools. We are in a 25 year drought with not finishing a season ranked despite some near miss runs under Logan, Holtz and the 2014 squandered season. I don't wish any ill will on App St but just because they are in an up cycle and ECU is in a down cycle is not a huge reason for them to thump their chest or ECU to bow at the alter of App St and say yes you are way better than ECU. App St will go into a tailspin and ECU will have a few good seasons where we are ranked and maybe even finally finish ranked. It is tough to point out a consistently good G5 school over the last 15 years except maybe Boise St. It is hard for a G5 to maintain being great because they are most likely going to lose at least one coach if not many.
What App St and ECU have in common is most likely neither one of us is ever going to get any better than we are now. There is no magical call up to a P5 coming for either one of us. We both can hope to have a break out year with an upset of a few big name schools and finish ranked. For ECU we have an easier path to the NY6 Access Bowl game if we win the AAC with 1 loss or undefeated it is almost guaranteed. App St has to be undefeated to get the NY6 Access Bowl unless something crazy happens
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