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My idea to pack DF stadium: a $100k drawing every home game

It sounds crazy I know, but hear me out. At say $40 average cost per ticket, a mere 2,500 additional tickets sold per game would be all it would take to break even from a $100k drawing to occur at every home game. Any additional tickets sold after 2,500 is pure profit. My guesstimate is that a 1-in-50,000 chance (assuming sellouts) to win $100k would bring in 10-20k extra fans at every home game.

The keys to make this actually work:

1) YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! (This is the key. It not only sells more tickets, but it puts actual butts in seats.
2) Your ticket stub is your entry into the drawing. The drawing should be held randomly at any portion of any game. It could be 2 minutes after kickoff, or in the last 45 seconds of the 4th quarter. This will put people in their seats or at least within earshot throughout the entire game.
3) Once your ticket is drawn and announced, you have a reasonable amount of time to meet at a designated location (say 15 minutes), in case you're in line for the restroom or concessions.

Here are the PROs:
1) This rewards already loyal Pirate fans that would be at the games anyway
2) This pushes "on-the-fence" Pirate fans that I read posts from all the time here that they can no longer afford (or want to do) the 4/8/12 hour roundtrip each home game Saturday in Greenville
3) Brings a whole new set of people to games that would rarely (if ever) attend otherwise.
4) We'd be gaining not only extra ticket money, but additional revenue from concessions and money spent in Greenville on restaurants, lodging, etc. This $100k could end up bringing $1M+ every game when every dollar spent is considered.

Here are the CONs (and my retorts):
1) Potential negative press from media pundits or other schools' fans. e.g. ("The only way they can get fans to their games is to pay them")
- Yes this is the biggest drawback I can see. BUT, I think this would only last a news cycle or two and then it would be forgotten. If it worked we would be the ones laughing last with record attendence.
2) Attracting "fans" to games that have no interest in being at the game, only the chance at the $100k
- Most fans that come will have some level of interest. Even the ones that have low or no interest are highly likely to be impacted by "herd mentality" and will naturally begin to cheer on the Pirates like the rest of the fans around them. This can (over time) build thousands of new Pirate fans.

Ok that's my spiel, poke away it, I can take it. Regardless of a drawing I'll still be at every home game, will you?

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