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I grew up with a kid whose mother was a raging bitch. His dad

on the other hand was old school stoic and never had anything to say about it. He just lowered his head, went to work and kept his mouth shut, which is until one night when I was staying over at their house. This night my friend’s mother was off the rails ranting and raving about what a SPOS she was married to. After about 15 minutes of her BS my friend’s dad went into his/her bedroom, which was off of the living room, and opened two suite cases on the bed, and started throwing clothes into them. When my friend’s mother saw what he was doing she quietly gathered my friend and his 3 sisters on the couch and calmly told them their father was going to leave the house for a while, but they were not to worry because everything would be alright and he would come back. When my friend’s father had finished packing he walked back into the living room with a packed suite case in each hand. As he did my friend’s mother stood in front of him in a confrontational manner as if to stop him from leaving. It was a show for the kids. My friend’s father then dropped the suite cases at her feet and said “get out bitch, I am not leaving the house I built, you are.” He had packed the suite cases with her cloths. My friend’s mother lost her mind. She went batshit crazy. I went home. Trump is like my friends father. He’s not leaving the house he built.
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