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Your only defense is to throw out the "troll" accusation when you...

...can't answer a question or you know if you answer it will make you look more foolish than you already look.

I love it!! Anytime I see you post "troll" I laugh because I know you've got NOTHING. Even though you post like a 5th grader, I assume you're old enough to realize that you shouldn't get into conversations or debates about things of which you know very little.

Unfortunately, for you, you step into this banter forum under the assumption that you know a lot about everything when you really don't know a damn thing about a lot...and you prove it with almost each-and-every post. Hell, you've supposedly got an MBA yet some of the posts you've made dealing with anything financial or business related are downright embarrassing.

Go ahead...I know you've got to call me a "troll" so have at it.

(In response to this post by ecudmarsh7)

Posted: 01/14/2020 at 11:14PM


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