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Can you link to me where either of these dudes

Have been subjected to cross examination or where their allegations have been examined? I’ll save you the excuses they haven’t so they are allegations nothing more nothing less. These guys have been known about for sometime if they had evidence that could meet the burden of proof they would’ve been front and center before now. They are being trotted out as a publicity stunt and just like all the other ones before none of you people put a critical eye on anything being said. In your world Trump is guilty by accusation the mention of any wrong doing is all that’s needed for conviction. You guys love the police state.

I tell you again for the second time in as many days and you will ignore it for the second time. Let’s do it right let’s release every document, NSA phone call, witnesses working for government anything going back to 2016. Then let’s get everything DJT going back as far as you wish. Put it out unredacted in a trial and let’s see who’s more corrupt your federal government or DJT. At the end Trump will look like a choir boy compared to that morally corrupt beast.
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