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Not exactly, I did have some comparisons to the flu

I basically said it is worse that the flu but not for younger people. I felt that the 2.2 million dead estimate in the US was a ridiculous fallacy meant to scare people by certain groups, mainly the media. Since every projection I have seen has been a drastic overstatement then I will take this new one with a grain of salt. I felt COVID would be nowhere close to killing 2.2 million Americans and fortunately I will be correct. I actually think it has been a bit worse than I thought it would be, I was thinking 150K or so might die.
Texas and Florida right now have a ton more cases than they were having. Mainly because there are now drive up testing centers. But yet their deaths are not going up, basically the same as they have been. Hospitalizations have risen so we will see where that goes. Its not ideal but the whole point of any of this was not to stop the virus, we knew it would spread. It was to flatten the curve so we have enough ventilators. Texas and Florida are just fine there.

My whole argument about this is it was a misguided overreaction. I have maintained that a much better way to fight this would have been to keep everything open, push masks and social distancing but put all your resources to keeping the elderly and high risk safe. Dont give government stimulus checks to myself who was still pulling down a paycheck. Pay people to deliver food and essentials to old people, make sure they were kept safe.
Instead we let power hungry politicians become fascist dictators closing down businesses, destroying people's lives, and making it political. At one point many wanted to force private business to make PPE, which is nationalizing private business, aka socialism.

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Posted: 06/30/2020 at 11:16PM


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