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Tried to watch a little of the Syracuse/UNC game. Patches, BS names on....

....backs of jerseys. All this crap because liberals think it's ok to break the law, ok to ride around smoking reefer, ok to resist arrest, ok to rape, ok to assault law enforcement officers and reach for their weapons, ok to burn down our cities, ok to embrace socialism and marxism, and ok to disparage the nuclear family (BLM manifesto). This is the trash taught by many in our universities. Our kids are exposed to this crap in high school and they have it reinforced in college and hollywood culture. They are taught that the very country that gave them the opportunity that they have to better themselves is racist and that the white people that pay for people of all color to have athletic scholarships are worse. Those who think differently are afraid to stand up and speak the truth, so we are left with this cesspool of thought. Taught by professors that have gone from high school to college to teaching without one bit of experience in the real world. These professors are jealous because of those who have produced and have become successful and created things while they have been stewing in their middle class pay slot because they didn't want to risk anything to go further in life. Of course they think they are intellectually superior and should be paid and lauded according to this inflated importance to which they assign themselves, though they have no experience in the socialist/marxist realm which they think would elevate them accordingly. This ultimately skews their teaching on social matters. I have this view because if things were otherwise, there would be some to stand up and reveal the obvious contradictions. If our coaches are too ignorant to know that this is about more than "equality" then I hold them accountable as well.
I know many, many ECU grads and fans that don't share this "wokeness" and have tried to look past the hypocrisies for many years. It is said that athletics are the "face" of the university. If this is the image that our university and athletic department wishes to put forth, I fear for the future going forward.

Posted: 09/12/2020 at 1:55PM


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