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Racenut, no doubt there's cops that give the profession a bad name, but

they are a decisive minority. Law enforcement overall is under tremendous stress in a culture that preaches self-worship and "what we deserve" (and, you "deserve it" because we need your money, so toss that "ol" smart phone and purchase this much better new one. In fact, toss everything you have and get better stuff, because after all, you "deserve" it).

I am a Christian, and was brought up believing that Jesus looks at the heart, while people too often look at the outside, the color, etc. " Red, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight", and His Spirit should transform the way we look and act with one another.

No doubt, people of color have- and still have- mistreatment by those in our society or elsewhere that are indoctrinated in fear and hatred, or a sense of superiority. It is sad, but will remain true, that nothing that is occurring today through marches/demonstrations will do away with racism.. It has been around as long as humans have. Others of us must show a better way to relate to one another, regardless of color.

It needs to be observed that some of the law enforcement mistreating people of color are also people of color. The idea that it's only white cops is a fantasy. The leaders of the groups that are trending toward various forms of violence are awed Marxists. Americans of all colors should be ashamed to be hoodwinked by such leaders, as though it's a cause for justice. It's not justice these people want. It's overthrow of the Republic.

Convict cops that have acted unjustly. But, if there is no respect for the duties law enforcement carried out day to day by the great majority of police, then we will find anarchy growing stronger and stronger. The notion of defunding the police is morally and society-wise insane. But what can we expect in a "It's all about me" culture where people act insulted when they have been pulled over for going 70 in a 35 mph zone.

There needs to be change in all our hearts, and in legislation, as well. But the health of our society and culture will stand or fall on the "content of our character", as MLK proclaimed. the government cannot pass laws or anything else to bring redemptive change for our people. It will come from us, from inside of us, working together, caring for each other... or, it won't. It's not more consumerism we need. It's compassion. Anything short of that is just noise and bandaids on our wounds which really need major surgery.

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Posted: 09/12/2020 at 3:53PM


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