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Kolchak..from below.

Do you think I don't know that anarchist are not hiding behind the BLM movement and destroying property? Of course I do, but most of the people asking the public to look at how black people in general are treated at times are sincere to that cause.

As Pirate fans, and I repeat, Black lives have mattered to our program and to our community and eastern NC in general for many, many years and there is nothing wrong with thinking that through every once in awhile and make sure everyone is treated the same under the law. It's the moral and right thing to do.

At the same time, and to everyone who will listen, if you wish your community, race, religion, or individual self to matter then before that can happen you have to show that you yourself, have the respect for your self or community that you want from me and others. Both what I am being asked to give and what I am asking in return are honorable and reasonable requests.

When riots broke out in Durham this week with BLM placards all around the police and city council realized that most of the people on the street were not Black, but White, and when push came to shove they found that most didn't give a crap about BLM, but they have a different agenda that has nothing to do with BLM.

I want every person who I come in contact with, lived near, or went to school with to know that their lives matter, and if I have to occassionanlly single one group out to reassure them then no problem, but, and this is mandatary, don't ask anything of me that you aren't giving yourself.

If Black lives are to matter everywhere. then they have to matter everywhere and not be killed off every night and seemingly every day in Black neighborhoods.

BLM is not about racism to me it is about realizing that we all have prejudices to things and people that we don't know, and are different from us, and from time to time we need to revisit that reality and adjust accordingly.

If we are honest with ourselves, and boy did I struggle with this initially, why would anyone agree to say to appease me that "ALL lives matter" if for whatever reason, I refuse to say that Black Lives Matter in specifics? They shouldn't.

(And for those who wish to label me, I'm 72, a grandfather, white, voted for Trump, and a former Republican Party County Chairman, and an ECU grad who believes that Black lives, like all lives, truly matter.)

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