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Are you not able to handle someone.........

actually having a debate and expressing their opinion? Finally a thread with good debate and none of the usual dummies using foul language and that's the way you want to respond? I have been watching as people around me have gotten covid and most have not even had any symptoms. I know one person that was 80 with many health issues that died from it. I have a friend that is 70 and they just took him to the hospital with lower oxygen levels but as Paleales has been saying 99.9% seem to recover if they are healthy. The flu has traditionally killed more younger people than covid has. I have a friend in the research dept at UCLA that says for the most part he thinks the vaccine technology is safe but admits they don't know the possible long term effects from this vaccine. I also have a friend that is a doctor that this technology saved his life from cancer and he is doing well. With something this new isn't is ok for people to question and proceed with caution without being called out for trying to be the "smartest guy in the room"?

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