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Maybe you failed to understand the question

Why is the media and public policy not making a clear distinction between who’s most at risk with this virus? I don’t watch the MSM but I see the pull/hits on the Virus, it’s all panic porn, ICU is at risk at such and such and when you go look yourself at the data while elevated it’s nowhere close to capacity. You hear for days about the 31 year old with blood clots and not the other 3200 or what ever that died in that reporting had an average age of 76, that’s information one must search themselves. We have know this since April.

The media/politicians never talk about the deaths/negative outcomes being created by their own policies? They rarely discuss the people losing family businesses, people increasing drug use, domestic violence, etc. Its just about cases, number of dead with a few world is falling nurse talking about the most distressing topics of that or that hotspot with no context.

I’m saying by any objective measure when taken in totality the response is a debacle and any attempt to reverse course is meet with more panic porn from the media. There is no criticism of largely democrat governors/mayors asking if their politics are effective, yet we see them personally breaking all the rules with not much pushback. I used to think that it was pure hypocrisy, now that’s still the case, I’m more now if they aren’t scared why exactly should everybody else?

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Posted: 01/09/2021 at 11:09AM


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