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What's the exception?

The response to this has been a complete and total clusterfuck. If it was about science and data schools would've never closed. We are pretending our actions have no colleterial damage and they have serious unintended consequences, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicide, mental illness, depression, etc. Here we sit almost a year later basically doing the same thing in many parts of the country/world.

As I've said a 100 times or more, I had no issue of what was done in Feb/March. My issue is by April we knew this wasn't killing people across all ages to any degree, it was all elderly folks with additional conditions. Did we change anything, was there an audible? Nope continue to do the same stuff over and over again all while being told the "experts" were following science and data, well until it didn't fit the continuation of what we were doing then that was out the window. So there was another agenda at play as it's been proven over and over it's not science and data or health.

"no industry or person is perfect" that is your justification for this shit show? That sounds an awful lot like a fucking excuse, even you might be seeing how badly the "experts" fucked this up, it's pathetic. This includes government

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