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Immigration, Taxes, Minimum Wage, and Climate Change

How many illegal immigrants should be allowed into the United States?

Why stop at 11 million? Why not take in 50 million new immigrants?

Why not take in 100 million new immigrants?

Should these new immigrants only be allowed to live in the red state of Texas?

Should new immigrants assimilate into American society or should they be allowed to maintain their current, native culture, flag, and language?

How much should we tax high income earners, as well as the rich?

How much should the average high income earner pay in taxes?

AOC and other well-meaning Democrats say to tax high income earners at 70 percent. (This would help decrease income inequality.) Why stop at 70 percent? Why not go higher?

Why should wealthy people be allowed to live in a large home? Why not limit the size of a house? Why not make it illegal to live in a mansion?

When are we going to get serious about the minimum wage?

The current proposal is a $15 per hour minimum wage. Why stop there? Why not go higher?

Why not have a $30 an hour minimum wage? Why not have a $50 an hour minimum wage?

If you are a business owner and cannot afford to pay employees the $15 an hour minimum wage, should you be allowed to be a business owner?

When are we going to get serious about climate change?

When will the United States government step up, be a world leader in green energy, force the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy companies to stop production, and convert exclusively to solar panel, wind turbine, and hydroelectric technology?

Should it be illegal to drive gas-powered vehicles?

Should the federal government follow the Solyndra model (the California-based solar firm) and give more federal loan guarantees to green energy companies?

Why stop at $535 million in subsidies to green energy companies? Why not give even more money to well-meaning and sincere, climate change, green energy corporations?

In a free and fair election, Americans overwhelmingly voted in favor of more immigration, higher taxes, an increase in minimum wage, and a switch to green energy.

When will the state and federal government enforce these policies on the citizens of the United States of America?

Posted: 02/21/2021 at 1:27PM


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