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I just wonder what they are going to do when the flu gets going again? Not

everybody or all kids get flu shots. Is that going to be the next way the Dems. try to control the masses with flu mask and shutdowns? I get my shots and any boosters and a tetanus shot every so often as I still do risky physical work where I can cut myself. So I say if you want a shot get it, If not to Quote our new VP, "It's your body so it's your chose", oops that only applies to a woman murdering a child. No one, nor any governmental agency, should tell you that you must conform to anything concerning your health, no one except your DR. not a government Dr! I am surprised that the Dems. haven't stopped tobacco and tobacco farming, and fatty fast food that we all eat since they both kill many more Americans each year than Covid! Give them time and they will!

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Posted: 09/10/2021 at 12:30PM


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