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Early 80's King and the Queen high end. Crows Nest for the grease blowing

fan that blew on you as you entered the place. Clothes needed to be burned at that point. Almost as bad as a night at Rafters with team Phillip Morris working chokers 24/7. 3 showers later still couldn't get rid of the stench.

Big Daddy's Chuck Wagon where 5 bucks went a long way. First time experiencing food being served out of an 8x10 shed while specializing in Animal parts I was not familiar with. Chili Slaw Dogs were good.

Darrel's where I regret not heading there more frequently. They did have one in Orlando on I Drive which closed about 15 years ago. Had to go there for old times sake.

Chanelos: Great pizza down from Belk. Ate there my first night in Greenville thinking I'm no longer in DC. Never understood a Jesus themed Pizza place. I guess the lord worked in mysterious ways making great Pizza.

Biscuit Town for the 2am Half Drunk Single Rib Snack. Nothing was better than passing out in a styrofoam box covered in BBQ sauce. Who needed to get lucky at that point.

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