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First, thanks for missing me. Not sure what the celebration was about?

Second, I have said many times I hope MH succeeds and brings us back to winning. Yes, I have made it clear his previous coaching experience was not what I believed ECU should have sought. Said the same for Mo. MH has even admitted in a presser 2 yrs ago that he had become self aware he was no longer in the FCS and he had to recruit better and get better himself at this level. He recognized his own weaknesses. The man has had to learn how to coach better at this D1 level, and against bigger, better D1 competition. He is getting there we hope and I am sure he will tell you he is constantly learning and improving.

Maybe the light bulb came on when he saw the team take over the game with 7 mins left and THEY decided THEY were not going to be losers any longer. HA threw the ball to multiple recvrs which helped greatly. He made several audible adjustments at the line and ignored those idiotic DK plays that had been called. The audibles worked. HA grew up even more. Harris and Mitchell grew up. Stone Hands Omo and Calhoun finally arrived. CJ got his bell rung, a cheap shot that should have been targeting, but maybe it knocked some sense back into him and he will start looking like the CJ of two years ago.

The one thing that still bothers me is MH's and DK's comments about the team. Both still say "THEY" when referring to the team and players, and their performance. I have heard it at two consecutive pressers and again after Sat's post game. THERE IS NO "THEY!"

IT SHOULD BE "WE" and it is way past time that MH and DH take responsibility and accountability and accept being part of the ongoing transformation including the bad instead of waiting for the good befoe doing so. You do not stay on the fringe until things get better, then jump in with "we."

As for your comment about MH's job versus my job, I suggest you do some homework. MH coaches and educates at the college level. I do as well on a part-time basis. However, he can't hold my jock strap when it comes to my professional law enforcement career and the things I have encountered, endured, and achieved over the last 37 years - most of which I cannot discuss publicly - and I know you don't want to engage in a debate regarding your career either. So, let's just leave the personal attacks behind, shall we.

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