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Maybe you should come to grips with the reality.....

That not everyone, black or white believes in the BLM movement as sincere and that they have black lives best interest in mind. Tell me one black law enforcement officer's life that was lost they protested. People don't want politics tied in with their entertainment. They just don't. I don't want to see my side's beliefs when I am trying to watch a football game. Let them do community outreach and find other ways to send the message they want to send that will be more impactful to the country as whole.

My name is Brian Hawkins. I am a black, conservative pastor running for Congress. Although I am African American, I do NOT support the Black Lives Matter organization, let me tell you why.

But first, let me warn you: What I am about to say will get me labeled as an “Uncle Tom” by the radical-Left. They will target my campaign and try to defeat me because I am promoting freedom of thought to the black community. BLM is a racist organization that uses the death of black people to fund and empower Democrats – most of which, are white.

You see, Democrats know they can no longer use physical force to enslave black Americans as they once did. Now, they use the media and culture to oppress us and convince us that we are still victims. The truth is politicians are making millions off this scheme and that is their only motive.

Over this past Independence Day weekend, the BLM Utah chapter called the American flag a ‘symbol of hatred’ in a Facebook post. They went on to say, “When we see this flag, we know the person flying it is a racist.”

I am proud to have the American flag flying outside my home. I am proud to be a black American in 2021 – where I have equal opportunities as white men and women.

But the BLM organization uses anything to divide us – to guilt and fool Americans into funding the lives of corrupt Democrats under the guise of social justice.

We cannot allow them to take a symbol of freedom, the American flag, and turn it into a weapon for their agenda. We must stand up right now and fight back against their rhetoric.

Which is why I am running for Congress, to show Americans everywhere that there ARE black conservatives who are fighting to break the chains Democrats use to restrict and control minority communities.

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Posted: 09/21/2021 at 10:30AM


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