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Houston can come at me all he wants, and this is no way intended to bash HA

….. he is by all accounts a fine young man and may be one of the better raw “whole package” athletes we’ve ever had….. but he has long struggled with quick “in the play” decision making and the problem is not going away. It’s not some sort of major insult to say it, as there are only a couple of handfuls of guys in the country that excel at it (at most). He’s just simply not one of them. He’s got skills on top of skills and a makeup that we should want a roster full of….. just not that one specific ability.

The goal of a play caller is to best utilize your strengths, while covering up your shortfalls. Great coaches, with an adequate surrounding cast, can coach the player along just enough and/or simplify things enough to get him to servicable. But with our OL and our lack of game winning WR’s, we simply can’t mask everything at once. DK may or may not be a part of the problem, but when you can’t impose your will on the run or hold blocks forever in pass-blocking, can’t get immediate separation or win jump balls downfield, and can’t pull the trigger when working through progressions…… there simply isn’t a page in any playbook that you can turn to.

If teams at or below or a certain talent level, defend us a certain way….. we will have a field day(on O) If they don’t, we will struggle….. it simply is what it is. It was that way week 1, it was that way last week, is that way this week, and will be that way next week.

We can still enjoy the ride(it will have ups) and there’s no need to rip anyone to shreds over it….. there’s just simple a ceiling that’s in place with the current makeup of our roster.

Posted: 10/11/2021 at 08:58AM


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