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I was kind of following along with you as a nice guy....

of average intelligence until you posted that. Apparently you have been ignoring or not following what the dems have been doing to escalate the tension between people. I recall being called a "deplorable" because I dare not vote for Hillary. Do you recall the names Obama threw out there? Have you not been watching the support dems threw behind groups like antifa? Let's not talk middle school insults until you are a lying dog faced pony soldier (Biden called a student that). I see you can't be as impartial as you tried to come off to begin with. If you had been watching virtually all of us had wished Trump didn't get into it the way he did but we understand. If you were attacked relentlessly 24/7 by the media with lie after lie after lie you'd get a little defensive and fight back too. Well, maybe not you but I know I would.

"Obama has a penchant for pejoratives unique among modern presidential candidates. Last week he called Republicans “ignorant.” Several times during the campaign he’s implied that his opponents are racist. Earlier he derided rural, blue collar Americans as bitter, bible-clinging, gun-toting racist xenophobes. Meanwhile, he yelps at imaginary slights directed at him: yesterday, he once again complained about Republicans questioning his patriotism."

So why is it you dems never take accountability for your own actions? You only point out if someone else seems to behave in a manner that you don't approve of but you remain silent as you watch your fellow dems say and do whatever they want. Do as I say and not as I do?
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