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Actually, what we want is civil discourse......

The libs that have visited here (not you) as you can see lob a few Trump messages and then get a little rowdy with language then disappear when called out on it. We have tried for years to train them to have actual discussions here of substance and give viewpoints but that seems to be impossible for most of them. I guess they bought into the Obama/Hillary mantra that we are all deplorables. That's ok though because we have been cleaning all the graffiti off the walls of the park and this site is something now that won't embarrass ECU because of the language being used these days.

You probably missed it but one of the libs that used to post here actually posted an article one day saying people that use profanity are more intelligent and another saying we should nationalize Walmart. Seriously, now?

(In response to this post by michealtbond)

Posted: 10/20/2021 at 10:19AM


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