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Totally disagree on many fronts.

If you are to think what program has the biggest reputation in CFB not in a so called P5 league it would be Boise St. Have they tried only to schedule teams from Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah. I don't think so.

In addition to that the competition for players is only going to get tougher. ECU needs a bigger budget and a staff that is willing to get off of their ass and go find better players outside of ENC. If you look at Boise States roster they have of total of 15 Kids from Idaho. They have kids from all over the country most from California and Texas.

Do you think that's possible never leaving their region?

ECU will be paid more money over the next 10 years than any of these so called local programs. Why do you want to continue to weaken our brand in this fashion and settle for less. Here is the deal. If any of these programs have success the coach leaves and normally the program goes back to the bottom. We have seen that here as well.

In the end its all about the money and always has been. You are old enough to have seen the relationship between ECU and Virginia Tech. Both schools did the exact same thing. Played anyone on the road for a check. Our records against each other were the same. Once Tech joined the Big East and later the ACC and got paid we lost 9 in a row to them.

We are not in the best position and will require bold leadership from our school President. I think there might be a few life vest remaining and yes it would be a long shot to claim one. That being said go back 10 years ago who was in a perfect place to claim one.

It was ECU.

We drew the most fans of any non P5 program at nearly 50K ranking 38th in the country. The P5 programs in our region refused to play us and if they did they usually got beat. We played games that the networks wanted to put on TV as they know they would see an exciting brand of football before a rabid fan base.

ECU was handed a gift in Terry Holland and since his departure the school has been in a death spiral but consider what we do have. We have a massive alumni base up and down the coast. we have nearly 30K students and our facilities and campus are getting better with each passing day.

IMHO we have so many more advantages then you think and ask yourself the question why did we invest so much money to rejoin the the same conference we left 50 years ago.

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Posted: 10/21/2021 at 07:46AM


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