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That is my thinking. MH wants a run game and a pocket QB, not a mobile QB

who can do well on the run in lieu of the pass. HA seems to do better when he rolls out, has the chance to move out of a pocket (does really well at keeping his eyes down the field), but does not do well just standing there. He certainly has the size and really needed a QB coach or a coach who knew how to coach a QB (Logan, LR) as I don't see MH and DK having the aptitude to do that.

I don't blame him. He still has two years as 6 is now the norm with the Covid year. He did not red shirt but he has a grad school year. In two years, under the right mentor and coach, he could very well make a good run at a NFL team if he keeps his size and some of his speed.

Whatever he does, I wish him well. As a QB from the time I was 8 years until 18 through HS, there are times I wish I had followed that QB dream in college. He has a shot. He needs to chase his dream and if I was his parents, that is exactly what I would tell him and support him.
Unfortunately, as a 6-1, 165 LB Freshman, I did not see a path for success in college football. I had the smarts, just wanted about 3-4 more inches and 20-30 more lbs. I did not have a good football mentor to guide me as well. I chose to focus on the academics instead of the sports. If I had a mentor who could have given me more guidance and direction at that time, I might have changed my mind.

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