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Just in time for Christmas: 1st BYB-to-English translation guide

Ever have trouble reading posts on the BYB, due to English's being a second, or maybe third, language for some posters? We're working with the Remedial English Corp. of Hartford, Conn., to pull together a pocket translation jibberish-to-English guide. You'll see frequently misused words and phrases, including:

Would of, should of, could of, as in "We would of won that game if the offense played like it should of. We could of been 3-0."

There, their, they're. "Look over their, there wearing they're red jurzees with the damn woke saying on 'em."

Your, you're. "Your never going to win if you're play caller is DK."

Randomly placed apostrophes: "The ref's we're cheating the Pirate's all day. That line judge and back judge should of kept they're fat ass' home and never came to Ficklin."

"Just a typo." This phrase is used to account for anything from missing words to misspelled names to "sentences" with neither a subject nor a verb, as in, "Pirte D haves go Cort Bins part day buttmints!" which translates to: "Wow, the Pirate defense has been terrific in the third quarter; Bruce Bivens in particular. It's a great day to be a Pirate, but I'm late for my Mensa meeting."

Ordur yore's tooday.

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