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If we aren't pursuing R1 status for ECU

then we are destined to be relegated to the back pew for quite some time, if not forever.

What is "R1"? It is a system designed by "Carnegie" to evaluate the graduate programs of universities. It measures commitment including financial commitment to the programs. NC has 2 R1 public universities.UNC and NCSU. ECU is "R2".

This board should be very concerned with R1 status. There are hardly any schools now, or ones that have been invited, that are members of the so called "Power Five" in football that are not R1. UCF, Cincy, and Houston are R1. Explains why Memphis, who is not R1, got left out also.

How can NC only have two publicly funded R1's when in Virginia you have UVA, VT, ODU, George Mason, and VCU that are all R1's?

How can Georgia State be "R1" and ECU not?

The answer is found in how a state funds their university system. Is there another state in the union where the legislature hates higher education more than in NC? Education enlightens and exposes the fraudsters in politics and when it does the politicians try to control the system. See the NC Legislature versus the UNC system system over the last 10 years for perfect examples of that.

So, we are going to be relegated by the legislature to a regional university forever, and watch other state supported schools climb the ladder of success in both academics and sports???

Leo would have not rolled over for this. I like Rogers, and recently by the luck of the draw sat beside him and engaged in a long conversation one day over lunch. He acknowledged what "R1" means and would mean to ECU, but without words left no doubt to me and to others at the table than he could only do what the legislature who hired him (you thought it was the BOG didn't you) would allow.

It's sad, but when people like Harry Smith, and that banner flying doctor from Charlotte, drug us through the mud publicly and through the legislature we lost a lot of friends and set ourselves back years and while the state finally got around to funding the buildings which prior legislatures had obligated to ECU, the funding to put substance in the building still lacks and they aren't interested because the more educated people in NC the more they are exposed..

Do what you wish, but henceforth, every time I see an ECU staffer or a member of the legislature I will ask."how's ECU coming on R1?"

I want to see ECU at the highest level possible and without the legislature funding us for "R1" we will never be in the "in" crowd. We will be a regional community college with a campus and a few athletic facilities.

What is "R1"??
There are 115 institutions that are classified as "R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest research activity" in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. These universities have a very high level of both research activity and per capita in such research activity, using aggregate data to determine both measurements."

Why do I care? Recently a young girl whom I know very well, expressed interest in the Honor's Program at ECU to her school's guidance counselor and she has the grades, activities, and standardized scores that have attracted Ivy league schools to contact her. When she told the guidance counselor of her interest she was "advised", "look elsewhere they are not 'R1'".

Perception matters and the NC legislature no longer cares how we are perceived or else they would be pushing and funding us to that end.

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Link: Who are the R1 Colleges and Universities?

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