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Here is a link to an extensive study done on Coll/Univ moving from R2 to R1

Of particular interest, specific studies on Clemson and North Texas begin just around p. 112.

Reading the particular challenges in the transition, one of the major things mentioned in both of these instances, and in most instances overall, was undergraduate access to the university.

ECU is probably most similar to Clemson in that one of its major goals is to offer a college education to rural, underserved, and economically disadvantaged areas. Again, in both specific cases here, admission rates which down. While raising standards is a good thing in some regards, it is also a drawback when you seek to serve the population of eastern NC. I do really like the Clemson Bridge program they instituted to try to continue to serve their mission while still elevating their academic standards.

Another major issue noted in both of those studies was lack of funding available already, as was already mentioned on this board below.

A third major challenge noted in all instances was faculty resistance. Changing standards for promotion and tenure, changing expectations from teaching faculty who do some research to research faculty who do some teaching (or just adding onto expectations) and feeling like current faculty will be pushed out in favor of new faculty with certain degrees they may be looking for were all mentioned and very likely are discussed anytime R1 status comes up within the University itself.

It is easy to sit and think that lawmakers constantly block us. I'm sure there are instances when this happens. Some of that is likely because funding is already so scarce. Some of that is likely for political reasons. Some of that probably comes from legislators who truly have the best interest of the University at heart, seeing that such a change could lead to seismic shifts within the University's structures and mission.
It is also equally likely that resistance comes from within the University itself. We are a former teachers college. We pride ourselves on that. We are a University built on providing doctors who go out and do family practice throughout underserved areas of our region. We do not churn out doctors focused on research as a primary objective. Ever noticed you receive far different treatment when you walk into Vidant as opposed to going to your local family doctor? That's because your Vidant doctor is there to care for you, but is also often tied up in research initiatives as well. Your family doctor is there to treat you. That's it. Their employment status is not tied to research or grants.

R2 status is strong. I believe the correlation between P5 status and R1 status is due more to the fact that R1 status is going to raise academic admission standards across the board. It is going to bring more dollars into the school in the long run in most cases (because of grants and government funding).

Whether it is best for ECU as an educational institution is debatable as it relates to the mission and vision of the university.

In your argument though,
There will be 69 P5 Schools following the most recent realignment (65 + UCF, Cincy, Houston and BYU)

62 of those have R1 status.
3 have R2 status (TCU, Wake, BYU)

I did not take the time to figure out which 3 do not have either status.
Of the 148 R1 schools, 86 are NOT P5 (including several of our current conference mates, notably Memphis which IS an R1 institution.)

For the record, I believe ECU SHOULD pursue R1 status for precisely your arguments. I believe there are plenty of schools in NC that offer a solid college education to the population of eastern NC and we should be striving as you state to raise the education level of our region.

(In response to this post by Old Pirate)

Link: Study Done on moving from R2 to R1 Status

Posted: 03/02/2022 at 1:57PM


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