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Yet millions across the country come out of college voting conservative

You see 4 posters for a rally where probably 20 kids show up to protest hog farming and you try to act like the entire college has been "infected" by the liberal agenda.

Guess what? Hog farming ain't the best thing for our environment. No matter what it does for the NC economy, the amount of waste that's not properly disposed of or spills out absolutely wrecks our waterways....which also affects our fishing industry, which we rely on greatly in NC as well.

Naturally some people would be against that and want to protest.

That's kinda the point of college. Get exposed to other ideas and viewpoints and navigate towards the ideals that you can agree with. Some lean solely left, some solely right, many land somewhere in the middle.

There are young people that grew up in liberal households that turn more conservative once going through college, and the opposite happens as well.

So let the colleges do what they do. For as many people actually show up at the rally, there's another thousand people that either don't agree with it or don't care enough about hog farms to show up.

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Posted: 04/28/2022 at 09:36AM


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