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This is what we have with Marsh....

....He posts often about his obsession with Climate Change. So finally I decide to show how absurd some of the leftist thinking is and throw out a scenario. He completely avoids continuing the discussion after that. It becomes quite peculiar when he's pressed on the scenario from others.

Now he has falsely accused me of "researching his family" on the internet. Attacking me with no proof whatsoever. I even offered my computer to show that was not the case. So one could draw a correlation through deductive reasoning that Marsh either (a) has ties to the airline industry, (b) has been fortunate to live a privileged life, or (c) some sort of combination of both. Which is great, it's the American way and I want everybody to be able to live a privileged life.

Perhaps I should have used the coal industry, the trucking industry, or the oil & gas industry as an example. I am sure had I done so he probably would have been on board with the scenario.

Apparently that scenario hit home, and if it did, he took the same stance so many Democrats take which is "do as thee, not as me." Instead of standing up he wants to deflect and says I am trolling him.

Remember this, every single time he questions any of your responses, or calls you or your sources out, exudes that he is smarter than you he is doing one thing....he is trolling each of you.

Posted: 05/14/2022 at 9:56PM


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