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Yes, its faux outrage from politicians. If it was not they would do

something or speak up when a bunch of youths get shot all throughout the year walking on the streets in chicago or DC or LA. If they really cared about kids getting shot they would do something and speak up. But instead they only care when its a big mass shooting so they can get on TV.
I do not know how this would help stop black youths killing each other, stricter gun background checks. I am going to bet that those people doing the shooting are not going through the legal process.
But you are right, being fat is not a laughing matter. It was the #1 risk factor for a bad outcome on COVID. Yet we managed to never bring that up to help combat it. Instead we waited on a shot and wearing a mask and locking down. God forbid we try to tell our citizens to stop being fat and lazy and unhealthy. We missed a golden opportunity.

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Posted: 05/25/2022 at 10:21AM


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