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A little perspective:

Like many of you, I am very frustrated. This is not what I buy season tickets to see and it is very disappointing to look forward to FB season only to know it's going to be brutal after only two games. We've been here before, several times in fact and we've always recovered. Emory's first two seasons looked inept at times and people were calling for his head after we got spanked 56-0 in Chapel Hill. Just the year before we had only given up 35 to UNC so it looked like we were getting worse, just like now. Within two years coach Emory had assembled arguably our most talented team ever. 7 players were drafted by the NFL, second most in the country behind Texas.

Fast forward to '92, the Pirates looked inept under Logan, people were calling for his head after Michael Anderson threw 7 interceptions in Durham and we got demolished by Duke. Next year Marcus got hurt and we went 2-9. We looked like we were getting worse instead of getting better, like now. Within two years we beat Stanford in the Liberty Bowl and Coach Logan gave us arguably the greatest decade in Pirate football history.

Fast forward to Ruff's hiring. The Pirates looked inept at times, people were calling for Ruff's head after we gave up 76 to Navy at home. Within two years we had a 10 win season ( only the second in our history) and Ruff gave us the greatest run against the ACC in our school's history.

Fast forward to today. The team looks inept, people are calling for Scottie's head. The team seems to be getting worse instead of better.

What do we do? If we give him two more years he may pull a miracle just like Ed, Steve and Ruffin did. Or we may continue to slide. I think our best option is to continue to support the team, show up and cheer at the smallest success and offer encouragement when we have the chance. The players need our energy and passion, no one will benefit if we only complain and snipe at each other.

Now the AD, that's a discussion for another day.....

Posted: 09/13/2017 at 11:47AM


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