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Aides Treat Trump Like a Child,Never Saying 'No' and Inventing Distractions

Newsweek: This is what is going on in the WH. So sad.

Aides to Donald Trump have reportedly adopted a babysitter-style strategy for dealing with the president's bad ideas: Instead of telling him "no," they make an empty promise to come back to it later.

The technique was detailed in a Politico report out Monday, just after Senator Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, tweeted the White House was effectively an "adult day care center." Current and former Trump employees, such as Barbara Res, told Politico they often attempted to forestall the president's proposals and buy some time to talk him out of them.

"You either had to just convince him something better was his idea or ignore what he said to do and hoped he forgot about it the next day," said Res, who was a top executive in Trump's real estate development firm before he became president.

The White House is constantly trying to keep Trump calm and carry on, so Monday's report isn't the first to reveal this distraction maneuver. For example, during his campaign, Trump staffers reportedly kept the tycoon from blowing up over negative media coverage by simply showing him other, more favorable stories. The morning former FBI Director James Comey was set to testify about his investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, aides packed Trump's schedule with meetings to keep him from tweeting.

It's like trying to stop a child's temper tantrum. No, really. The reports reveal that Trump staffers are following parenting tips that might have been cribbed right from WebMD: "Avoid situations in which tantrums are likely to erupt," "give your toddler a little bit of control," "distract."

Posted: 10/10/2017 at 3:10PM


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