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There really is a difference.

Again this is assuming some of what each had done is true.
First of all Trump apparently tried to kiss women without their consent hoping he would hook up with them. Kind of like what you see people try to do at bars every weekend. I dont doubt this happened and its not acceptable.
You also never heard a woman claim that after they told Trump no that he continued to try and kiss them and hook up.
Harvey Weinstein is accused of the rape of 3 women, when one woman told him to stop he whipped out his pecker and jacked off in front of him. There is some difference in the acts of Trump and Harvey. Neither acceptable but one gets you in jail a long time.
The grab em by the pussy thing was most likely him talking, because there were no women who ever came out and said he did that to them. He was doing locker room talk, again that happens all the time usually when a bunch of guys are sitting around having a few beers.He was trying to impress Billy Bush.
There were interesting stories claiming they thought he touched their butt, he rubbed against their boob, another one about where he put the armrest up on a plane and reached onto a womans leg, although it was proven there were no armrests that went up on planes back when it happened.
So some are most likely true, some fabricated. Its not acceptable but if you cant see the difference in the two you are blind.
If some dude comes up to my wife and tries to kiss her and she pushes him away and he leaves her alone after that then I am pissed, but dont want him to die. If some guy rapes my wife or pulls his pecker out in front of her to masturbate then I honestly will try to kill him and I would go to the police.

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Posted: 10/12/2017 at 8:48PM


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