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If Cecil fired JC and hired Jeff Barber, the crowd would double Saturday

It's obvious from history that Pirate Nation will support a program going in the right direction, but fans have little recourse but to withhold time and treasure when things appear so rudderless. Myself and many others can support a struggling team if we know that the there is loyalty, purpose and passion being shown by the AD and some semblance of coaching prowess and motivational ability being shown by the head coach.
Jeff Compher has been a disaster since nearly day one, with no clue how to engage this culture on any level.
You may agree or disagree with Coach Ruff's firing, but what is not debatable is the disrespect shown to one of our own who, like it or not, was loved by a vast majority of Pirate faithful. If you disrespect a loyal Pirate, you disrespect a great number of us who see the Pirate brotherhood as something special. It's plain to see that JC will NEVER comprehend that.
As for Coach Mo, I pulled hard for Art Baker, I pulled hard for JT and I'm pulling for Coach Mo, but I don't see the imagination that it takes to make us competitive when we don't have the conventional size and depth advantage to stand toe to toe with some of these P5 teams or the conference teams in densely populated urban recruiting areas. We are predictable and conventional offensively and defensively, and that will not bode well in the long run. He does not have the Holtz name to lure enough studs here and we are light years away from the weak C-USA we conquered years ago. Maybe he will "Get it" over the summer and turn things around, but we have seen no evidence of that so far.
Hiring Barber would put someone who understands what we are and what we face, since he is one of us, and he has a proven record of accomplishment. I think his hiring would heal many wounds. I'm sure he would give Coach Mo year three, but if there is to be a new hire, I want an ECU man making that call.
Will the Chancellor have the strength to make this move, I don't know.
But unless something like this is done, I see this program struggling for a long time. and as a 40-plus year Pirate, that is heartbreaking.

Posted: 11/13/2017 at 4:29PM


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