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Re: Here's a fact. Mo has not yet allowed 76 points, even with Ruff's

If Ruff gets credit for the bad defense are you going to give him his credit for the points the offense has scored. I mean after all it is his rejects that are out there catching the ball that the Duke Heisman candidate is throwing. You speak of one game. Look at the average yards given up by Mo’s defense. Ruff or nor anyone else in the history of ECU have given up as many. And if it was a talent issue why so many defensive coach hires? Changing coaches will not change the lack of talent. It is obvious that the problem lies with this coaching staff. And if you want to throw out 70 point games then call me when Mo puts 70 points on a P5 school. Hell you can even call me if he manages to field a team that puts 70 on Division 2 school. You and your fringe buddies are a joke with your stupid eastern Carolina mentality. Enjoy this mess that you asked for and keep dreaming that another year will solve the problem. In 2025 when you finally have a winning season with No the rest of the programs will have evolved and you will still be the little stepped on Eastern Carolina University.
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