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Get back to me once you decide to make sense.

Is communism a right wing ideology? How about socialism? I dont think so but I can point to millions of deaths due radical leftist that pushed these systems.

Let me help you once again. What kind of insurance do you have when you can’t afford the deductibles let alone the premiums? That’s not insurance it’s called bankruptcy. You can still walk into a doctors office if you are suffering from a cold for a lot less money and pay your bill on the spot. Many young healthy people choose to go that route rather than be strong armed by the government forcing them into something they do not wish to purchase against their will.

You whine about discrimination yet where is the outcry when half of the black population is destroyed before birth. The saying goes what’s the most dangerous place for a person of color? The answer is in the womb.

Your correct Clinton was great having been convicted of perjury and being disbarred for life. Nothing better then banging interns in the people’s house plus numerous rape charges with other women.

But no worries you have a man who can’t work in his chosen profession yet has a net worth of over 175 million. How did that happen exactly?

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Posted: 12/05/2017 at 9:56PM


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