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Why do you spend all of your time

worrying about other peoples money? In addition why did we not hear a single word out of your mouth when Obama was doubling the National Debt in 8 short years?

I want you to think for just one minuet about the tax situation in this country. This applies to all citizens not a left or right issue. I have many successful friends that work in California here is just a small sample of what they look at.

Federal income tax of 39.6%,state income tax of 13.3%. They pay 9.5% sales tax. excessive property tax well over 10k per year. 69 cents per gallon on gas. Higher taxes on Sin items.

There are hundreds more hidden taxes that citizens are charged with. I think its fair to say when you total it all up its roughly 65% of their income.

Tax freedom day in California is in the middle of May and that includes many that do not work so it pulls the number way down.

What do we have to show for this. Their state government is still 1.3 trillion in debt with 500 billion of that being underfunded pensions and benefits. This is not much different then we see at the federal level.

Ask yourself why do we not have an open and clear tax code? These politicians have next to no business experience but we allow them to control our money and spend it like drunken sailors just to keep themselves in power.

What do we have to show for their fine management skills? 20 trillion in debt with nearly 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Yet they have no trouble in blaming the tax payer that gives them their job, power, and control of trillions of our tax dollars.

The fact that the ruling elite have used the code as a weapon to go after those that disagree with their policies should scare every citizen no matter your party.

When do we ever hear about one dimes worth of spending ever being cut from any government budget. With baseline budgeting they are forced to spend all of the money or they do not get fully funded the following year. So more is pissed away.

The lefts venom is so misguided they wish to blame their neighbors for not digging deep enough for their liking but do they ever look or blame those their political heroes who created this epic disaster? The very ones that wrote the code and managed our money? Never they think its their neighbor that's taking food off of their table

Where is that lock box on your social security? People have freely given 7.5% of their income for their entire working career and what happened to that money?

Imagine if you gave that money to your neighbor to hold for your entire business career then you decided to retire and went to him and said Ok I'm here for my money and he responds uhh what money? I think many would likely have something to say about it. Even I might purchase a gun for that showdown.

Well that's what government is going to do to the hard working citizen and some sit here and cheer them on demanding we need more of what they are doing to the taxpayer.

The code must change and both parties have failed to let us see where our money is going.


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Posted: 12/07/2017 at 10:45AM


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