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You think the dossier was creditable?

A report that included episodes of golden showers? It also said one dude was in Russia, that guy produced his passport and debunked that in 5 minutes. Also how did Steele get this "information" except from Russian sources, people who could've been paid by Steele. So basically you have the DNC engaging with Russians through a third party

Compelling enough for a judge located in a district that voted 95% for Hillary, corrected it.

The question still remains, what was the source for the warrants? If it was the Steele paper it was opposition research that we know was largely directly funded by the DNC. So if that is the source material, a warrant was issued off opposition research funded by a political party.

We haven't seen what Flynn lied about, you technically could be guilty of lying if the FBI said something like, You meet him on Tuesday correct. He could've said yea not realizing it was Wednesday. Mueller charged him with the most minor charge, if he had the goods why just lying?

All this show is about is excusing a Clinton loss that the most innocent, as more is coming out it seems its all a distraction for all the crap the last administration was engaged.

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Posted: 12/07/2017 at 12:37PM


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