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Free to explain that you are lying ignorant bigot and a popmous ass,

that's easy.

I. Let's talk about your ignorance first. On second thought, let's cover the ignorance and the stupidity in one section. It is hard to tell when one starts and the other begins. You said Jesus was not a refugee. You were wrong. Mary and Joseph fled to avoid Jesus being put to death as a child. The threat came from a king who saw Jesus as a threat to his crown. A refugee can return to his homeland. It is not a permanent status. Your statement that Jesus could return therefore he was not a refugee was just so stupid. Look it up.

You demonstrated in spades you do not know what hearsay is. Hearsay is any statement made by someone other than the original declarer. Furthermore, there is no claim that Jesus or any of the disciples spoke English. Therefore, even if they wrote the original text, the English versions are hearsay, assuming no other problems existed. Just look at Genesis, do you really think Adam and Eve wrote Genesis. Unless they did, it is hearsay. Just to sum up, your position that if you think the Bible was hearsay you cannot be a Christian is asinine. It shows just an incredible amount of hard core stupidity and foolishness on your part.

You claim the Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God.That means without error, perfect. So, I asked which translation you propose is the perfect version, the one without error. You could not provide an answer and you were not enough of a man to admit you were wrong.

Then you claim to be a good "Christian" but want to send refugees away. You lie when you claim to be a Christian and take that attitude. You most assuredly did reject Christ when you rejected the refugees.

You also lied when you claim to be a Christian but take every opportunity to diminish homosexuals. You are so preoccupied with the matter, I am pretty sure you are hiding something. There is something very perverted in your life or you would not attack gays the way you do. You are looking to attack a whole group of people to hide your own transgressions. I suspect they are really, really bad. So, you like Roy Moore do you.

Then there is your asinine statement that the Islamic faith is incompatible with Western Civilization. You know nothing about either do you? Like I said, you know nothing of the Christian faith, and I seriously doubt you know anything of the Islamic faith.
There is so much more, sufficient it to say you have proven time and time again you are a lying, ignorant, bigot and that is the best possible take on you.

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