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Agree some and disagree some

When a coach comes in to take over a losing program, say one that has been down for 2 or more years, then I believe 4 years is reasonable assuming there is progress shown a little bit along the way. In our case we have a coach coming in to take over a program that had won 31 games in the previous 4 years (8, 10, 8 and 5). If Coach Mo has another losing season this coming year along the lines of the first two, then IMO there would be no justification to keep him for year 4. If, OTOH, he does get to 5 wins and turn the losses from 4+ touchdown blowouts to much closer games, then there may be good reasons to keep him for year 4.

I do agree that the odds look long on getting to a winning season this coming year. So far we have won only 1 game on the road under Mo, so winning home games is a must if we are to be successful. Unfortunately, most of the conference games where we look to have the best chance for a win are on road. We absolutely have to beat A&T and ODU, and though UNC finished with the same record we did, they appeared to be a much more competent team. The keys will be improving the defense and improved QB play. We need to cut our points given up per game by 14 or more per game and our QB has to give us a chance to score. We just witnessed a ESPN Invitational Championship game where both teams played true freshmen at QB. Maybe that is a sign for Holton even though that is an incredibly lot to ask of the young man.

This coaching staff has a lot of room for improvement and so far there has been precious few signs of any, but we go into next season with practically a whole new staff of assistant coaches from what Mo had in year 1. IMO, improvement in the coaching is the single biggest factor that will determine our success next year.

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Posted: 01/13/2018 at 11:08AM


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