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You are incapable of objectivity but read this and try to learn something..

I've made it clear I don't think Mo is going to be successful at ECU. At the same time, I'm very much hoping to be wrong and hope he is successful because that means ECU is successful. You want him to fail, meaning you want ECU to fail. That sums you up as a "Pirate Fan" which means you are no good to ECU.

In comparing Ruff to Mo, at this point Ruff did better. They both had losing seasons their first 2 years. Ruff's first year got us to a bowl where we were humiliated and that caused a losing season. Ruff's second season was a little worse. Ruff took over ECU when it had just won two conference championships in a row, and 4 winning seasons in a row. Ruff's first team gave up 44 points a game. His second, 32. In his 3rd season he got us to a bowl again. In his 3rd season the defense gave up more points than Riley's offense scored ( 32 points a game) and Ruff had to be made to replace his DC. Ruff's first year started out great, beating 4 teams with winning records but soured toward the end of the season giving up 76 points (the most in the history of ECU to Navy) and 62 to a 4-win Rice team. In his second season he beat no teams with winning records.

Mo took over with ECU coming off 3 winning seasons and 3 losing seasons from Ruff tenure including a 5-7 record in Ruff's last season. Mo went 3-9 in both of his first 2 seasons. He has beaten one team with a winning record (NCSU in 2016). His 2016 team gave up 36 points a game. His 2017 team gave up 45 points a game. Mo's teams have looked very bad with the exception of the wins in five of the six wins he has. I highly question his ability to be successful at ECU and have seen nothing to date that indicates he will be successful. I will give him credit for making changes in his staff early on. That was something Ruff did not do. Ruff being forced to replace Brian Mitchell at DC probably saved Ruff's job at ECU at that time.

As far as recruiting goes, you don't want to bark up that tree. Every 1A/FBS ECU coach has recruited along the same level. Every one. Mo is doing no better or worse than Ruff. Note that Ruff never had any "stellar" recruiting classes. Also note that while Ruff's classes were ranked in the bottom half of CUSA and the AAC, that was on signing date and Ruff had a problem (as a lot of ECU coaches have) in getting the some of the players he signed into school. Thus his "rankings" were actually lower than on signing day. Like all ECU coaches, he and his staff found great players for ECU that were considered insignificant by the recruiting rankings. So get off your Ruff recruiting high horse because you don't know what you are talking about.

Finally, both Ruff and Mo were hired to be head coaches at non-BCS/P5 schools and neither had ever, in their lives, been considered for head coaching positions in ANY division 1 (1A/1AA, FBS/FCS) school. ANY. Ruff coached 6 years at ECU. Mo has coached 2 years. They are the only ECU coaches in the last 48 years (other than Art Baker and John Thompson) who did not get offers from higher level - or equal - programs to leave ECU. That includes Mike McGee who coached one season at ECU and went 3-8 and was hired away to Duke.

Bottom line is there is no question that Ruff was better - at this point - than Mo. And it's fair to say that Mo has done nothing to date to indicate that he will be successful at ECU. Ruff did some good things and some bad things at ECU. His hiring of Lincoln Riley turned out to be brilliant and kept him as HC for ECU. If he had replaced him with Donnie Kirkpatrick he probably would have been back in 2016. But there were also some big problems under the surface that he allowed to happen. Most everyone loves Ruff and wanted him to succeed at ECU. You, and your little lost cause clique, want Mo to fail at all costs to ECU. That marginalizes you to inconsequential status in relation to ECU which is probably where you have always been.

Mo has a lot of work to do this season. He's made what appear to be upgrades in his staff which were needed. If he doesn't win 6 games this year, I think he should be replaced. I thought he should have been replaced at the end of last season. Nothing that happens with Mo with change the good and the bad of Ruff's tenure at ECU. I hope I am wrong about Mo and he is wildly successful at ECU. That separates the true ECU fans from the perverted cliques.

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