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It's going to be incredibly tough.Hoping these 2 things turn it around.

I know it's alot to count on, but hoping Ahlers as a true freshman just makes everyone better around him on offense. Hey I know we are not Georgia, but they had a freshman qb last year that really helped that team flourish. We have to give Ahlers protection and a solid running game for this to happen of course. Then the big question and hope is how much difference will Blackwell make our defense. It's a given we will be better on that side of the ball, but how much better. That first game against A&T should tell us how the season is going to go. And I don't simply mean by a win or a loss. Can we protect our qb, can we run the ball, can we stop the run, and minimize big plays. Those are things to me that will be an indicator of how the season will go. But man just looking at the schedule it just looks next to impossible after the two terrible seasons we had under Mo. However, trying to move forward and hope the improvement is a big one in 2018.

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